Our team

At the Agastyaa Heritage Ayurvedic Centre there is a team of dedicated physicians, therapists, pharmacists, yoga teachers and support staff working all year round.



There is a variety of Ayurvedic medicines. These formulations are adapted from several classical text books. Their manufacture and marketing are licensed by the Drug Controlling Authority of the State Government. The principles and methodology of medicine preparation are based on classical tenets.


Yoga Shala

Hatha yoga classes with dedicated teacher and space for private groups. Yoga is about gentle stretching and finding your balance.
It is not supposed to hurt and it is not a competition. Flexibility is individual and not a rigid concept. If a Yoga asana hurts, stop this asana.
If you have any known physical disabilities, you must inform our yoga instructor prior to participating in yoga class. Ayurveda and yoga together from a complete approach for optimal health. Both have their origin in the Vedic tradition of India. We offer yoga daily...



We make our own oil and most of the medicines. They are individually prepared on a daily basis according to our clients' needs. Our manufacturing is granted GMP certification by the Government. Modern technological and industrial methods are adapted to possible extent. For example, basic cooking is now done in pharmaceutical grade stainless steel vessels by using steam as the source of heat. Vacuum evaporation is employed for concentration. Several electro-mechanical equipments are used for size reduction of herbs, pulverisation, sifting, grinding, filling and packing etc. On an average, 20-30 herbs are used in preparation of a medicine. There are some instances when more than a hundred herbs go into the making of a medicine. There are others which take months to get prepared. Manufacturing of ayurvedic oil and medicine is material-intensive, labour-intensive and also water-intensive.