Ayurveda methodology stresses prevention of issues by rejuvenation, which means to revitalize all body tissues to obtain optimal health.

The modern world’s hectic lifestyle is demanding so it leads to consequences for people’s wellbeing. When someone in the day-to-day life gets hyperactive he or she teaches each cell in his/her body to be hyperactive as well. They start to be at bit more than normal increasing levels of e.g. hormones, digestive enzymes, bile etc eventually leading to imbalances and unhealthy states.

Regular rejuvenation maintains the body in a balanced state by detoxing excess secretions back to normal levels.

Lab results for our clients indicate significant improvement in levels of hormones, sugar, cholesterol etc. after our rejuvenation treatments.

Examples of ailments that benefit from rejuvenating treatments include:

  • Stress & Burnout management
  • Rehab post surgery & chemo therapy
  • Pain management (joints, back, neck problems)
  • Weight management