There are numerous different kinds of treatments and medications as well as variations and combinations. At Agastyaa Heritage Ayurveda Centre all treatments are individualized and prescribed by Dr Unni based on the needs of each client. Therefore there are no standard programmes to share in advance of a treatment course.

Before you start your first treatment you will sit down with your doctor for a detailed consultation on your medical background and all your current health related issues.

Based on your health complaints and length of enrolment a course of daily treatment sessions is planned. What is common for most courses is an initial detox phase followed by phases of rejuvenation and strengthening. Each session starts with approximately one hour of massage where your main therapist uses either his or her feet or hands to work through your body usually with the help of oil. The massage is followed by 60 to 90 minutes of treatments where various forms herbal mixtures are applied to the body in different ways by assisting therapists.

All treatment sessions are based on consultations with your doctor before and after administration of the treatment. Dr Unni is personally reviewing all treatment planning continuously.

Each day, you get herbal medicines to support and complement your treatments. We make our own oil and most of the medicines you are given – they are individually prepared on a daily basis according to our clients’ needs.

Your treatments, medicines and reactions to them, are duly documented on a daily basis in your medical journal by your doctor.

If you are taking any drugs on a regular basis it is important that you inform your doctor so that it is considered in your treatment planning.